Bad Breath Treatment

Halitosis, or bad breath, is an embarrassing issue many people suffer from. Everyone has experienced being backed away from a conversation because of stinky breath, and it can be stressful when you don’t know what to do about it. Fortunately, Dr. Tommy Song and Dr. Joon Cho of Smile Lounge correct halitosis with treatments that effectively eradicate smelly breath.


With years of expertise and experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and hands-on training to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Our dentists target the source of halitosis during bad breath treatment, and our top-of-the-line treatments and technology deliver optimal results.

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Signs that It’s Time to Manage Bad Breath

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be embarrassing, socially uncomfortable, and a sign of bad oral hygiene or bacterial overgrowth. Common causes of bad breath include poor dental hygiene, sinus infections, chronic diseases such as diabetes, dehydration, and vitamin deficiencies. Also, bad habits such as smoking, vaping, or drinking alcohol excessively can lead to dry mouth (or a lack of saliva flow). Plus, certain foods, including garlic and onions, have a bad reputation for leaving people with stinky breath.

Advantages of Bad Breath Treatment

Halitosis can be a source of shame and frustration, but don’t despair. Starting bad breath treatment can help you regain confidence in social and professional settings, as bad breath is linked to low self-esteem, negative self-image, and psychological distress. Sorting out your bad breath issues could help you find someone special or a new friend! In addition to these immediate benefits, bad breath treatment can often have long-term payoffs. Bad breath is rarely a sign of anything serious, but it could indicate underlying issues with your oral health or diet. So, taking care of bad breath now can prevent more significant problems down the line. Don’t let halitosis stop you from living life to the fullest. Start bad breath treatment today!

How It Works

The key to preventing bad breath is keeping the mouth clean and healthy. Therefore, it is crucial to practice good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day with a toothpaste containing fluoride, flossing daily to remove bacteria from between the teeth, and brushing or scraping the tongue every morning with a tongue scraper. Also, regular dental cleanings can keep your breath fresh. Additionally, drinking plenty of water throughout the day to avoid dehydration and maintain adequate saliva flow. Plus, we suggest avoiding destructive habits such as smoking and excessive drinking.


Suppose you’ve done all the previously mentioned action steps and still have halitosis. In that case, we can prescribe bad breath treatment, including scaling and root planing, prescription mouthwash, or other treatments tailored to treating your halitosis.

Get Rid of Bad Breath Today

If your breath smells less than fresh, you may wonder what the cause is and how to get bad breath treatment. Smile Lounge’s professional team can care for your smile through bad breath treatment. With their experience and expertise, Dr. Song and Dr. Cho can provide all the necessary treatments to improve your dental health. Our Frisco general dentists provide access to quality services when time matters most and look forward to getting you back on track with your dental health.


Scheduling bad breath treatment with one of our expert dentists is easy. Just call (469) 956-2601 or use our convenient online scheduling tool right now. We look forward to serving you and reestablishing excellent dental health.

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