Transformative Veneers in Frisco TX

At Smile Lounge in Frisco, TX, our team of experienced dentists, Drs. Song and Cho are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles through our highly regarded veneer services. We pride ourselves on providing professional  treatments that will give you a stunning smile. Our team of highly skilled dentists demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-notch cosmetic dentistry. 

Explore Our Veneer Services

Veneers are a new and innovative way to improve the look of your teeth. These very thin shells made of porcelain or clay are carefully glued to teeth to make them look completely different. They are made to change form, color, and alignment, making them a safe but effective way to improve your looks.

Porcelain Veneers Made by Hand

When it comes to Smile Lounge, Drs Song and Cho work with famous ceramicists to offer the best porcelain veneers. Each veneer is a sign of our dedication to quality and personalized care because it was made just for you to meet our exacting standards and meet your personal aesthetic goals.

Process for Dental Veneers

  1. Take care of your worries – Start by having a thorough appointment with Drs. Song or Cho, where you can talk about your dentistry goals.
  2. Examination and X-ray – Full exams and X-rays are used to get a detailed picture of your tooth structure.
  3. Digital Scans and Smile Design – We use cutting-edge digital technology to show you how your smile will look after the change.

Design and Getting Ready

  1. Design Review – Drs. Song and Cho are very important when it comes to reviewing the design of your veneers to make sure they meet our standards and your needs.
  2. Preparation of Tooth Structure – Your teeth are carefully prepared so that the veneers can fit on them, with a focus on keeping the natural structure of your teeth.
  3. Putting in Place Provisionals – Try out your new look with temporary veneers. This step also gives you a chance to make any changes that are needed.

Last Placement

  1. Crafting Final Porcelain Restorations – Based on your feedback and our expertise, final restorations are refined.
  2. Approval for Final Placement – Our goal is your complete satisfaction; Drs. Song and Cho ensure this before the final placement.
  3. Permanent Cementation – This final step unveils your transformed smile, meticulously bonded for lasting beauty.

Our veneer service at Smile Lounge in Frisco, TX, is tailored to your comfort and stylistic goals at every step with experienced Drs. Song and Cho. At our office, we strive for success in the outcomes we achieve and the path we plan for each of our customers.

Why Choose a Smile Lounge for Your Veneers?

Drs. Song and Cho of Smile Lounge stand as a beacon of excellence in cosmetic dentistry. Modern technology and individualized care come together here to ensure that your path to a perfect smile is smooth and enjoyable. We are your partner on the road to a confident, beautiful smile when you choose us for veneers in Frisco, TX.

Ready to Transform Your Smile?

Get the smile you’ve always wanted right now. To set up a consultation with Drs. Song and Cho call Smile Lounge right away. With our custom-made veneers, we can help you get a smile that makes you feel better about your appearance.

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