Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in Frisco, TX

Are you facing any serious dental issues? Dental crowns might be the answer to getting your pearly whites back in action. Whether you’re dealing with cracks, large cavities, or deep stains, these customized solutions restore your once-damaged teeth. At Smile Lounge, Dr. Tommy Song and Dr. Joon Cho restore smiles with natural-looking dental crowns.

With years of expertise and experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and hands-on training to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Our dentists strengthen damaged or decayed teeth with dental crowns, and our top-of-the-line treatments and technology deliver optimal results.

Advantages of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns, also known as tooth crowns, offer many advantageous dental benefits. For example, dental crowns are an effective and reliable way to preserve a severely damaged or decayed tooth that would otherwise need to be extracted. Because dental crowns encase the entire visible portion of the tooth, they are an excellent way to protect and support teeth that have been weakened by dental issues such as large fillings or fractures.

Additionally, dental crowns can improve both the appearance and functionality of your smile. Crowns are highly customizable, effectively replicating the natural shape and texture of a user’s existing teeth to create an undetected dental facade. Plus, dental crowns can go beyond cosmetic purposes, being applied to the structure of a broken or weak tooth to protect it from further damage. Their precise fit restores normal bite satisfaction and dental aesthetics, improving oral health and confidence.

Overall, dental crowns provide numerous beneficial dental outcomes that make them a worthwhile investment for patients with moderate to extensive restorative dentistry problems.

How It Works

Dental crowns, or dental caps, are dental restoration pieces that cover a tooth from the gum line to the tip of the tooth. Even if considerable damage has been done to a tooth, dental crowns may be used to restore it to its original shape. The dental crown procedure begins by preparing the existing tooth surface by removing unwanted tissue, followed by taking an impression so that the dental laboratory may create an accurate crown fitting. Patients will then receive a temporary dental crown while they wait for the permanent one.

Once the permanent crown is ready, the patient will return to our Frisco dental office and have their new crown cemented and fully secured with dental adhesive. This permanent solution looks and functions like your original tooth, allowing you to feel confident about your smile again!

Our Frisco Dentists Can Protect Your Smile with Dental Crowns

Durable and customizable, our dental crowns speak for themselves. Dental crowns may be the perfect choice if you’re struggling to find a solution for seriously damaged or decayed teeth.

Smile Lounge wants to ensure that everyone has their best smile forward, yet the problem is sorting through all our available restorative dentistry options. With their experience and expertise, Dr. Song and Dr. Cho can provide all the necessary treatments to improve the way your smile looks. Our Frisco general dentists provide access to quality restorative dentistry services when time matters most and look forward to getting you back on track with your oral health goals.

Scheduling a dental appointment with one of our expert dentists is easy. Just call (469) 956-2601 or use our convenient online scheduling tool right now. We look forward to serving you and reestablishing excellent dental health.