Deep Dental Cleaning

Maintain Healthy Gums with Deep Dental Cleaning in Frisco, TX

Scaling and root planing is a two-step, deep dental cleaning procedure that must be completed regularly for those with gum disease symptoms. Scaling is the practice of removing tartar above and below the gumline while root planing smooths out the tooth root. At Smile Lounge, Dr. Tommy Song and Dr. Joon Cho are highly trained and qualified professionals who help patients deep clean below the gumline through scaling and root planing.

With years of expertise and experience under our belts, we have the knowledge and hands-on training to help you achieve the smile you deserve. Our dentists can thoroughly deep clean teeth, and our top-of-the-line treatments and technology deliver optimal results.

Signs that You Could Benefit from Scaling and Root Planing

While it might be difficult to understand that you need deep dental cleaning, your dentist might recommend scaling and root planing at a routine dental check-up. Our team measures gum pockets and checks for signs of inflammation and bone loss at every dental check-up. Also, our team will look for signs of gum disease, like bleeding gums when brushing or painful swollen gums. Although these symptoms indicate gum disease, it’s always wise to consult with a dentist to see if you need scaling and root planing or other periodontic treatment.

Advantages of Deep Dental Cleaning

Scaling and root planing is a straightforward treatment that can reverse gingivitis symptoms and lessen the impact of gum disease. After successfully removing harmful bacteria and plaque, tenderness, and inflammation should subside.

Without an active bacterial infection in the gum pockets, the patient’s breath should smell fresher after this periodontal cleaning. Plus, minor gum recession should heal, and the gums should reattach the teeth, providing a protective barrier to sensitivity and decay along the tooth roots.

How It Works

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical treatment, but our dental team will numb the area that needs deep dental cleaning to soothe tender, swollen gums. Then, our dental team member will remove remnants of plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. Next, we smooth the tooth roots to make it challenging for bacteria to stick to the tooth in the future.

Once a patient has experienced scaling and root planing, your dentist might recommend more frequent periodontal maintenance visits to prevent gum disease from worsening.

Our Deep Cleaning Dentist Can Help You Achieve a Healthier Smile

Whether you want to manage bad breath or the early stages of gum disease, you can effectively treat bacterial overgrowth with deep dental cleaning from Smile Lounge’s professional team. With their experience and expertise, Dr. Song and Dr. Cho can provide all the necessary treatments to improve your dental health. Our Dentist in Frisco provide access to quality services when time matters most and look forward to getting you back on track with your dental health.

Scheduling a dental appointment with one of our expert dentists is easy. Just call (469) 956-2601 or use our convenient online scheduling tool right now. We look forward to serving you and reestablishing excellent dental health.